Gear Checklist

Here are your derby essentials. All High Tide skaters MUST wear protective gear on the track. Fresh Meat skaters are welcome to use High Tide’s loaner gear pile at practices. They’re stinky but they’ll keep you safe.


Protect your noggin. Make sure the helmet fits properly and there is no back and forth movement.


Wrist Guards

Don’t break your wrists. Important when taking falls.


Elbow Pads

It’s not funny when you break your funny bone.


Knee Pads

Do you like to walk? Invest in these, you only have one set of knees.


Quad Skates

You don’t need a fancy pair with all the bells and whistles to begin. Used skates are a great option if you’re on a budget! Check out roller derby recyclables.


Mouth Guard

Great for keeping your teeth in your face.



Your skates can be tailored to you. Get a feel for what you like and try new things, here are some common upgrades.


Durable aluminum plates are a good investment.

Toe Stops

Some people like ‘em small, some people like ‘em big.

Toe Guards

Protect your boot. You WILL be scraping the floor with your skates.


These come in a variety of sizes, colors, and hardness levels. Every skater has their own preference.


Personalize your skates with tape, laces, patches, etc.

High Tide recommends Wicked Skatewear for all your derby/skate needs!