So you wanna know the rules and want to know how to play Roller Derby? You came to the right place. If you think rules were made to be broken, think again, if you don’t obey these rules, the only thing broken will be you!

OK, so lets keep it simple.

  1. There are only two teams at a time allowed on the track. More than two is not allowed and less than two is just pointless.

  2. Each team on the track is made up of 5 players. These are:

    1. One Pivot

    2. Three Blockers

    3. One Jammer

How do we tell these apart? Well, The Pivot wears a helmet cover with a stripe on it. The Jammer has a helmet cover with a large star on each side. The Blockers have no helmet covers on.


Now that we can tell them apart you are probably thinking “what do they do?”

The Pivot

This cheeky young lady skates at the front of the pack and controls the speed of the pack while also being a line of defense against the other team’s Jammer.

The Blockers

Don’t mess with the blockers, they have the awesome job of stopping the opposing team’s Jammer getting through the pack and getting those highly desired points. One of the blockers will work alongside the Pivot to help their team’s Jammer through the pack while keeping the other Jammer from getting past. They can also move the other teams blockers out of the way.

The Jammer

This is the person who gets the points. This person starts 20 feet behind the rest of the pack at a standing start. To begin getting points she needs to lap the pack once and then the scoring can begin. She will then get a point for each person of the opposite team that she passes legally.

What’s it all About?

Each game or “bout” lasts 60 minutes. This can be played in three 20 minute periods or two 30 minute periods. Each period has an unlimited number of jams each one lasting a maximum of two minutes.

After each jam, the teams have up to 30 seconds to get lined up for the next jam. If one of the team is not on the track then the team must skate on anyway.


One long whistle is the signal that the jam has started and you had better get skating

Two short whistles lets the Jammers know that they can get going.

Four whistle blasts signal the end of the jam due to time having elapsed or the lead jammer calling off the jam.

Who is the lead Jammer?

The lead jammer is the first jammer to get through the pack without passing any opposing blocker while out of bounds or committing a penalty on any opposing blocker while passing them.

The lead jammer has the power to call off the jam anytime she wants after lead jammer status has been earned. Referees will signify lead jammer status with one short whistle blast and by pointing to the jammer.

What you are not allowed to do:

  • Grabbing or use of your hands

  • Blocking with your forearms

  • Tripping, kicking, or blocking with your feet/legs

  • Pushing, shoving, punching or holding

  • Swinging or jabbing your elbows

  • Blocking with your head

  • Blocking a jammer while twenty feet ahead or behind the pack

  • Hitting others from behind

You can find the official WFTDA rules on their site here: WFTDA Rules

This summary is credited to, click here to view it on their webpage.